The Ironpack - Anti-Theft, Waterproof and USB Charging

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The Ironpack -  Anti-Theft, Waterproof and USB Charging port Backpack

WOW! This is the definitive backpack everyone ever looked for!

This amazing backpack has all the features you really need. First, it has an Anti-Theft Construction so you can store your phone and credit card in strategic places that only you know, there is a back zip pocket for your phone and also a shoulder compartment for your most used card. Second, its fabric is Waterproof so you don't need to worry about your gadgets or anything else inside your backpack. Third, there is an internal compartment to put your power bank connected to the outside USB charging port, so you can easily charge your phone!

Main Features:

  • Anti-Theft construction with hidden zippers
  • 180-degree open profile
  • Waterproof fabric
  • USB external charging port
  • Large internal capacity - fits laptop up to 16 inches
  • Ultra-comfort shoulder strap and ergonomic backside
  • Secret shoulder storage for your most used card
  • Secret back zip pocket

* does not include battery to attach to the USB port

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