Foldable Cutting Board

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Foldable Cutting Board

It lays flat while you cut vegetables, meats, fruits, nuts, and candies. Then Squeeze the handle and watch the sides of the board fold in to create a cool chute for food to slide down right into your bowl or plate. Wow! Why didn't somebody make this before? Dishwasher safe materials make this cutting board very easy to clean.

Soft and easy to hold handle makes this cutting board easy to hold and use. Ergonomic in design so your hand will

appreciate the comfortable grip. Cutting board has non-slip feet to keep the board from sliding around while you're cutting.Then squeeze the handle and watch as board folds to create a nifty chute.

Chefs and Skilled people love this new design! It is a huge improvement from the older cutting boards. Its sensible design allows for sliding contents directly into a bowl. This is a big time saver! It cuts down on clean up time, wasted food, and frustration. You will enjoy food preparation so much more!

Many are buying several to give to friends and family. Everybody loves this new design! BUY NOW before supplies run out.

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